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Welcome to ASA Internet, LLC support services. Please note there are two different support logins. Your user login provides you with a access to your invoices and billing receipts for all ASA Internet Services, ie. domain hosting, email settings, web ftp, php development, web page design, etc. Your customer login is used to access your billing receipts from products purchased from one of our ASA Internet Merchant Stores.

ASA Internet Services User Login

Help for Users:

Domain Hosting
Sending and Receiving Email
Jabber Instant Messaging & Chat
What to do about virus notifications
Spam control recommendations

Help for Webmasters:

Website Management with WinSCP and FTP
Domain Whois information

ASA Internet Merchants

ASA INTERNET LLC Voice 1.541.272.3007
Email: service@
Bend Oregon 97701

Artificial Christmas Tree
Voice 1.541.393.8733

Hat Dude Voice 1.541.991.4287

Wristease Voice 1.678.905.3746

Please contact and log in to the following retail store web site properties directly for the most current support and product information.